Core Shaft Extractor

Core Shaft Extractor for jumbo roll

Shaft Extractor core

Core shaft extractor

shaft extractor core

Shaft extractor for core of jumbo roll

Shaft puller for core

Core shaft puller

shaft puller core

This shafts puller is used to pull the core inside the tissue jumbo roll

This shaft puller can save a lot of labor

This shaft puller can easily help to pull out the core of jumbo roll

This shaft puller is with easy operation

This shaft puller uses italian technology

shaft puller1_

This shaft puller consists of the following main components:

I. Base of shaft extractor

The base frame (6) is positioned on the floor on which flows the wagon column.

The movement of the wagon column takes place by means of a rack and pinion system.

The racks (1,2,3) are mounted on the base

The cart limitswitches are adjusted with the relugation cam (4,5).

2. the column cart;

3. the sliding frame;

4. the pushbutton panel.

II.The column cart of shaft extractor

The column cart is the movable frame that, via the rack-pinion System and to combined bearings slides on the base.

On the column cart is mounted the vertical sled that flows on the column wagon by means of a hydraulic


shaft puller 3

III.Shaft extractor’s sliding frame.

The sliding frame is the set of elements that allow you to engage and lock the pole to extract.

The sliding frame runs vertically on the bandwagon column moved by a hydraulic cylinder.

The sliding frame is constituted by the following components:

a. the frame structure;

b. support shaft;

c. the locking assembly.

core shaft extractor2

IV.. The pushbutton panel of shaft extractor

The slide (1) runs vertically through the hydraulic cylinder on the cart column and through combined


Rated capacity (see note) :1800kg

Maximum pressure of the hydraulic circuit :150bar

Installed power :3kW

Voltage power supply :400Volt

Frequency power supply :50Hertz

Weight :2300kg

Noise level: LwA 58dB(A)

core shaft extractor1