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eye protector

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Eyes protector

eye protector

Eye Goggles Description:

The product consist of a protective cover made of polymer material and a fixing device. Non-sterile and do not re-use.

Intended Use:

This safety goggles are intended for protection against a variety of liquid splashes in medical institutions.

This medical goggles are intended for protection against a variety of hazards including liquid droplets(3) and medium energy impact(B) at extremes of temperature -5℃ and +55℃(T) in accordance with EN166:2001.


Meet the EN166:2001 Standard.

This medical safety goggles designed a large integrated frame, which can be worn with various kinds of glasses.

Wide field of vision, good transparency.

Surrounding seal, effectively isolate aerosol.

Good impact resistance and elevated temperature resistance.

High hardness optical polycarbonate lens, protection against scratches, prevent fogging, splash-proof, effective UV blocking, anti-virus.

Instructions for Use:Pls wear goggles as follows:1. The user shall choose the goggles(Common or anti-fog type) that best meets your requirements for protection.2. Be careful to ware goggles on the head, adjustable length to suitable for the head circumference.3. Soft and comfortable to wear, suitable for your face.

Place of Origin: China

Product Name:protective goggles for hospital

Certification:CE EN 166

Function:protection against a variety of liquid splashes


Feature:Wide field of vision, good transparency

Stored Temperatures:-20℃ to +55℃

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Packaging Details :Standard packaging for the eye protectors goggles

Port: Xiamen

Lead time:3-5days.