BBQ grill tools

BBQ grill tools

BBQ grill tools

BBQ grill tools

Barbeque Grill

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BBQ oven name: Large size multifunctions oven

BBQ Grill size: 730*328*710mm

Shelf rack size :703*200mm

Shelf board :318*185mm

Shelf basket :330*85*55mm

Oven material : Stainless steel

Functions of this bbq grill: no need installation ,can fold ,easy to carry

There are whole set of BBQ grill tools

Which includes BBQ Oven,Reception Bag,BBQ grill grid,Charcoal grid,shelf rack,aluminum foil,fried plate,shelf board, shelf basket,oil brush,bamboo shoot,charcoal clamp,food clamp,lighter,disposable gloves and so on.

Main features :

Not heavy ,easy to carry ;

Can be used for almost 10 people;

Easy to install ;

Stainless steel very safe and healthy material;


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