Round Waistband Baby Diaper Production Line

Big waistband baby diaper production

Big waistband baby diaper production

WD-BD-600 Full servo big waistband baby diaper production machine

Elastic waist band baby diaper making machine

Elastic waistband diaper manufacturing machine

How to make elastic waistband baby diaper

WD-BD-600 Full servo big waist baby diaper production machine

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I.              Technical Parameter:

1.1 Name:  Full servo three pieces type round waist baby diaper production machine

    1.2 Product structure: Double leakage protected Hydrophobic Non woven +top Non woven +ADL short cut(can be full length cut) + (Up tissue +cotton core +SAP+Down tissue) +bottom film + frontal tape(carton online color mark positioning)+S cut + Online elstic waist band forming (perforating line cut 285mm)+ common waistband(95mm)+ left and right tape(flat cut)+ three dimensional protected rubber band (outside ,single trim :4+4 pieces spandex)+leg protected spandex(3+3)


1.3 finished product specification: S,M,L,XL.4 model (Dumbbell type cotton core size  with four size S.M.L.XL,one set of straight type cotton core )

 Total length XL:530mmX330mm;         Cotton length XL:440mmX115mm;

          Total length  L:490mmX320mm;           Cotton length L:400mmX115mm;

          Total length M:450mmX320mm;             Cotton length M:360mmX115mm;

          Total length S:390mmX280mm;              Cotton length S:310mmX115mm;

1.4 Design speed:600pcs/min

1.5 Working speed:

For big round waist products machine stable production speed is 400pcs/min, (M size with glue machine and material’s cooperation)

For comment structure products machine stable production speed is 450pcs/min, (M size with glue machine and material’s cooperation)

1.6 Finished product rate ≥98%(not include the wasted or second class ones caused by glue applicator, material connecting and material connecting head)

1.7 Machine running rate ≥85%

1.8 Machine power: 380V 50Hz

1.9 Machine installation power: about 310kw (not include the glue applicator and air compressor )

1.10 Electricity and air supply: 380V ±5%、50Hz 3phase 4 wires+earth connecting wire

1.11 Air pressure : 0.6-0.8Mpa (Buyer should prepare)

1.12 Machine size (L*W*H space about ) 25m×3m×3.2m for your reference

1.13 Face machine from right to left (can order)

1.14 Machine color : whole grey (can order)

1.15 Frontal operating face all parts use chemical nickelplated

1.16 There is stain dot checking system area


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