Baby Diaper Production Line

Semi servo baby diaper machine

Semi servo baby diaper machine

WD-BD-500 Semi Servo Baby Diaper Production Line

Baby diaper making machine

Semi servo baby diaper production machine

How it's made baby diaper ?

WD-BD-500 Semi Servo Baby Diaper Production Line

Technical Parameter

1.    Baby diaper specification:S,M,L,XL

    Whole length                   cotton core length

XL: 525mm×340mm;            XL:455mmX100mm;

L: 495mm×330mm;             L:425mmX100mm;

M: 465mm×330mm;            M:395mmX100mm;

S: 400mm×290mm;             S:330mmX100mm;   

2. Design speed:500pcs/min(M size for reference)

3. Reliable work speed: 350-400pcs/min(M size)

4. Pass percentage:≥98% (without the waste caused by hot melt and material joint)

5. Working efficiency:≥85%

6. Machine capacity:220KW(without hot melt & air compressor)

7. Power source:380V ±5%、50Hz  three phase four wire+ ground wire

8. Air pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa

9. Machine size:30m(L)×6m(W)×2.3m(H)(for reference)


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