Pull-up Pant Production Line

Pull -up Pant Production Line

Pull -up Pant Production Line

WD-PUP-500 Full Servo U type Sand Leaking Pull -up Pant Production Line

Pull-up Pant Making Machine

Pant Manufacturing Machine

Disposable Pull-up Pant Making Machine

WD-PUP-500 Full Servo U type Sand Leaking Pull -up Pant Production Line

37 拉拉裤 (2)_副本


Technical Parameter                                   

1      Product structure:

n  A .Middle thin type:double layer anti-leaking N.W(Inside out ),top N.W(inside and outside each spandex),ADL N.W,upper tissue (Or N.W),absorbing cotton,lower tissue(Or N.W),U type spandex,PE bottom film(positioning cut),picture sticker,rejected sticker,leg cuff spandex(4+4),waistband inner N.W, waistband out N.W,waistband spandex (19+23)

n  B. Cotton structure :straight bar type mold (3 piece inner eight cut straight bar  type mold wheel)

  1. Product specification: XL,L,M

Total length: XL:530mmX390mm;         Core length XL:420mmX120mm;

Total length L:500mmX390mm;           Core length  L:380mmX120mm;

Total length M:460mmX390mm;           Core length  M:360mmX120mm;

3.Design speed:500pcs/min

4.Operation speed:320pcs/min(M size)

5. Finished product rate ≥97%(not include the wasted or second class ones caused by glue applicator,material connecting and material connecting head)

6  Machine running rate ≥85%

7  Machine installation power: about 350kw (not include the glue applicator and air compressor )

8 Machine weight about 85tons

9 Machine power: 380V 50Hz

10 Machine size (L*W*H space about ) 38m×7.5m×3.5m for your reference including crusher and stacker

11  Air pressure : 0.6-0.8Mpa (Buyer should prepare)


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