Fast Easy Package Sanitary Napkin Production Line

 Full Servo Women Sanitary Napkin Machine

Full Servo Women Sanitary Napkin Machine

WD-SN-600 Full Servo Women Sanitary Napkin Machine

High speed sanitary napkin making machine

Lady napkin making machine

How to produce hygienic napkin ?

WD-SN-600 Full Servo Women Sanitary Napkin Machine

41全伺服卫生巾 (2)_副本


Technical Parameter 

1.To produce product size: fast easy tear type 240 ,290mm double use

2.Product structure :

       Three pieces type Non woven,Top Non woven (or perforated film),blue core pad,Non woven  ADL ,down toilet tissue wrapping(straight cotton core+SAP mixing),toilet tissue printing, bottom film, middle stick release paper,wing stick release paper,small packet film, fast tear tape.

3.Cotton core structure: straight type (shape is straight type)

4. Design speed:850pcs/min

5. 140-180m/min (depend on with our with leakage barrier)

6.Finished product rate ≥98%(not include the wasted or second class ones caused by glue applicator,material connecting and material connecting head)

7.Machine running rate ≥86%

8.Machine power: 380V ±5%、50Hz 3phase 4 wires+earth connecting wire

9.Machine installation power: about 185kw (not include the glue applicator and air compressor )

10. Air pressure : 0.6-0.8Mpa (Buyer should prepare)

11. Machine size (L*W*H space about ) 25m×6m×3m for your reference


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